Is 2012 A Good Year To Buy A House?

25 Mar

Is 2012 A Good Year To Buy A House?

To buy a house which is contemporary and affordable is not so easy. Your expectation can’t fulfill in one house, means if your house is good and well designed then it may be costly and is you are going with cheap house then it may be not so good in design.

There are may be some reasons for you to need to buy a home. You may ready to commit to a particular locality and call it home, you are ready to for financial investments, priced of houses have dropped to a low price, the market is favorable for buyers or it is known as a buyer’s market. The Price of Home will under 20 times under in a buyer’s market. In 2006 was clearly a renter’s market because at that time rent of the house in the US was 32 times average. And Nowadays the average cost of houses for sale in the US is about 19 times the average annual rent.

The decision to rent or buy also depends on your lifestyle and long term goals. If you are buying a house you can earn equity ans also customize your house without answering to a landlord. You are also responsible for maintenance of the house and need a loan for buying houses. For rent a house, you have no responsibility for maintenance, doesn’t need a loan or mortgage. But you have some restriction like you can’t decorate or renovate your house as per your need and can’t get the equity. It’s true that the housing market will change from year to year, but owning a house or property remains a smart investment over time.

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